Bris Ceremonies in Pompano Beach

You've had a baby boy, and now it's time to plan his brit milah, or bris. Eight days after his birth, it is time for a wonderful celebration of religion and life. Find out how we can help you plan this momentous occasion in Pompano Beach.

How Can Party Planners Help?

Though your mohel will be full of information on how the ceremony should go, you can do significant research and planning yourself. If you'd like to have an informal celebration along with the formal brit milah, Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals can help !

Bris Party Ideas

Your mohel will help you with the ceremony, but turn to us for the after party! You've got friends and family gathered, so take advantage of this great excuse to have a fancy bash or a laid-back fete. Whether you're having the bris in the synagogue or in your home, we're here to help.

The bris ceremony isn't very long, but you can throw a great bris celebration after the cutting is done. Like the short ceremony, you only have eight days to plan a bris from the day your baby boy is born. That's not very long to organize a party!

A party planner can help you figure out:

  • Venue
  • Guest list
  • Food
  • Games
  • Decorations

Bris Food

You may want to serve traditional Jewish food at your son's bris, or perhaps you would prefer to serve a variety of dishes. Either way, you probably don't have a lot of time for cooking with a new baby in your house. Let us find Jewish caterers in Pompano Beach for the most delicious feast.

Bris Bat Parties

What if you had a girl? Lots of families are having bris bat celebrations to welcome new Jewish girls into the world. Because you don't have a formal surgical procedure to plan, your bris bat party doesn't have to happen on the eighth day of your daughter's life. Typically people organize bris bat parties within a month of the baby being born.

We're here for bris bat planning, too. Throw an event at your house, or find a nice venue so you don't have to clean for your guests. From the food to the decor, we've got tons of ideas you'll love.

What Kind of Party Planning Do You Need?

Full-Service Planning

With full-service party planning, you get the works. We take care of every detail and stay with you throughout the celebration to keep things running smoothly. Full-service planning takes the pressure and stress off your shoulders.

Day-Of Assistance

Hoping for some help simply during the party? Organizing food, families, and decor is a bit overwhelming for people with newborns to look out for. Hire one of our planners to run your event and free yourself up to focus on the reason for the celebration: your baby.

Call for Bris and Bris Bat Party Planning Assistance

At Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals, our qualified planners know all the best venues and vendors in Pompano Beach, so we know we can plan your best party. We're excited to see you celebrate!