Engagement Party Planning in Pompano Beach

It's finally happened! You're engaged, and you're ready to share your excitement with the world. The best way to celebrate with friends and family is to throw an engagement party, but where do you start?

First of all, breathe. You don't have to plan an engagement party on your own. In fact, hiring Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals can help ensure you stay under budget and get the professionally executed party of your dreams.

How Can an Event Coordinator Help?

Planning an engagement party seems straightforward enough. You pick a date, choose a theme that reflects your personality as a couple, and come up with a few engagement party food ideas. In reality, though, there's more to it than that.

Hiring an event coordinator for your engagement party means that a professional will:

  • Manage the guest list
  • Help save money on vendors
  • Recommend engagement party decorations
  • Suggest a unique theme
  • Come up with the perfect engagement party menu
  • Negotiate venue and vendor contracts
  • Develop the gift strategy
  • Assign day-of duties

At Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals, we'll even help you throw a surprise engagement party, which is a fun, memorable way to announce the big news to loved ones.

Navigating Engagement Party Etiquette

One of the biggest reasons couples hire an event planner is because they're not sure what the proper etiquette is for an engagement party. Typically, the bride's parents host the first celebration, which can be followed by a party thrown by the groom's parents. Some modern couples prefer for both sets of parents to throw a single engagement party. Others want to throw their own party.

Your engagement party in Pompano Beach can be as formal or as casual as you'd like. No one will bat an eye if your engagement party invitations are simple, or even digital! You want to wear something special, but you also don't want to outdo the look you're planning for the big day.

Traditionally, engagement parties should take place within a few months of the proposal. Any later than that, and you'll be bogged down with wedding plans. Hiring an event coordinator can help remove some of the wedding-planning stress and let you enjoy your newfound status as fiancée.

What Type of Party Planner Should I Consult?

If you plan to hire a wedding coordinator, we suggest doing so shortly after the engagement. That's because your wedding planner can also plan the events leading up to your ceremony and reception in Pompano Beach.

At Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals, we work with brides-to-be on their engagement parties, bridal showers, bridesmaids' luncheons, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremony, receptions, and honeymoon travel plans. Developing a relationship with your event coordinator at the engagement party will help her know how to better incorporate your personalities across multiple parties. There's no better way to have a cohesive series of events leading up to the big day.

Call Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals for Engagement Party Planning in Pompano Beach

If you're recently engaged, our expert team will be happy to help get the ball rolling on all your wedding-related events. Contact Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals today to set up your consultation.