Plan a Sunrise Baptism Event That's Right for You

A baptism is many things. It's a rite of passage for your little one. It symbolizes your child's entry into the church. It's a celebration of a new life to be forever lived in the shining light of God. Despite the serious implications of this ritual, it's also a great chance to connect with friends, family, and neighbors. When planning a baptism celebration, remember to keep things joyous and memorable.

Visualize Your Baptism Celebration

Before you choose a location, create a mental picture of what your perfect baptism party looks like. Is it festive and full of laughter? Low-key and a bit formal? Warm, cozy, and intimate? Use this vision to help select the location for your baptism reception. Some choices to consider include the home of a grandparent or godparent, a private room at a restaurant, a rec room or clubhouse at a Sunrise country club, or a meeting room in your church. The location is everything when setting the kind of mood you desire.

Craft the Guest List

As with any event, you must compile a guest list and send out invitations. Be sure to order your invitations from Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals well in advance, since you'll need time to send them out to everyone. Try to get the invitations in the guests' hands about two to three weeks before the big date. It's enough time for them to reserve the date, but not so long that they'll accidentally forget or misplace the invitation. If guests need to travel from out of town, place a courtesy phone call to them as soon as you have an exact date for your gala.

Beautify Your Baptism Reception Space

Regardless of where in Sunrise your baptism celebration takes place, you'll want the space to be beautiful and memorable. Select some christening decorations from Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals to ensure your photos and memories are as lovely as your new child. They can also provide rental tables and chairs. Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals might even suggest some baptism party ideas you may not have thought of.

Set the Mood with the Right Christening Decorations

When choosing a design for your baptism reception, remember your earlier vision. Tablecloths, centerpieces, and cutlery — even the disposable type — should gracefully reflect both the mood you want. Even folding chairs can be enchanting when spruced up with chair covers and ribbon. Walls are large spaces and difficult to decorate, but hanging some bunting is an affordable option that's easy to implement. Browse baptism party supplies at Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals for inspiration.

Snacks or Meals?

Food is necessary, but how much money and effort should be spent? You can offer light snacks that include finger sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres, and veggie plates. Morning events can feature a continental breakfast spread of bagels, muffins, juices, coffee, and the like. Evening baptismal parties could be a full-blown meal from a Sunrise caterer. The baptismal cake, or an array of custom cupcakes, should be the highlight of the event.

Take Your Baptism Event Seriously

Since the baptism itself is such an important event, proper planning and decorating for your party is a must. Consult the professionals at Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals for tips. They'll help you secure everything you need to make your Sunrise baptismal celebration a memorable one.