Eid Parties in Sunrise

At the end of Ramadan, this important holiday is enjoyed in many different ways depending on your nationality and traditions. Three Eid tenets that are shared by Muslims all over the world are that of feasting, charity, and great joy. No matter where you come from, planning a festive and enjoyable Eid celebration is an important annual tradition for you and your loved ones and should be done right.

Where to Enjoy Your Eid Holiday Gala

Eid often happens in summertime, so an outside party is a great choice if the Sunrise weather permits. The natural hues of the outdoors will contrast nicely with the colorful and festive clothes worn by your guests. If your home doesn't have a large yard, consider a rental via Airbnb. Just make sure the homeowner is OK with parties. Reserving a location at a Sunrise park or country club is also a good idea.

If hot weather is expected, you may want to begin your Eid party late in the day to enjoy cooler evening temperatures. Consider renting some party tents from Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals. They'll provide much-needed shade that will keep your guests cool and your Eid food selections fresh.

Decorating for Your Eid Celebration

Regardless of which venue you choose, you'll still want to spruce things up a bit with Eid decorations. The professional staff at Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals will be happy to offer some tips to make the most of your Eid holiday. They can supply paper lanterns, lights, bunting, streamers, plates, utensils, chairs, tables, and anything else you need. 

Depending on the mood you're looking for, table settings can range greatly in formality and fanciness. Paper plates and disposable cups may seem like shortcuts for such an important holiday, but high-quality selections can be found at Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals that rival china plates. Plus, the cleanup is much easier! If you insist on using china, consider renting for the event (especially if you have a long guest list). 

Food is the main focus of your feast, so don't waste too much table space on centerpieces. Keep them small and graceful, such as vases of fresh-cut flowers. Make sure they're not blocking your guests' views across the table since Eid is about the conversation, connection, and laughter.

Who to Invite to Your Celebration

According to tradition, Eid is a time for forgiveness and peacemaking. You may be tempted to create a guest list based on those you love and hold dear to your heart. However, you should make an effort to reach out to those whom you've had troubles with in the past and invite them to your feast. Neighbors are also good choices since Eid is about making positive connections with others. Go online and search for old friends who may have moved away from the Sunrise area to see if they're in town for the holiday. 

Plan Early, and Don't Go It Alone

A successful Eid celebration, especially a large one, can't be done alone. Consider getting a party planner, a caterer, a florist, and anyone else you need. Look to the pros at Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals for advice and supplies. They know parties and are happy to lend a hand.