Professional Fundraising Event Planners in Sunrise

Fundraising events have a different tone from other occasions. It's important to keep the focus on your charitable cause while providing a memorable experience for your donors. You don't want an event so elaborate that your attendees wonder where the moaney is really going, but you don't want a party so meager that you can't draw in major supporters.

At Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals, we understand the delicate balance that you need to maintain with your fundraising efforts. Our event coordinators will help you handle all the details so that you're free to secure the donors, mark your calendar, and look forward to the event.

Corporate Event Planning

Hosting a corporate fundraiser is a wonderful way to align your company with charitable causes that are close to your heart. Whether you're a hospital raising funds for a charity that helps children within your own walls, or you're an apparel company partnering with an animal rescue fund simply for the greater good, we'll help you develop the right fundraising plan for your goals.

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways to approach corporate fundraising. You don't have to host a ball or charity auction to raise money for your cause. There are dozens of different approaches that you can explore. We'll help you come up with smart corporate fundraising ideas that suit the tone of your company as well as the cause that you're supporting. Some popular options include:

  • Elegant charity galas
  • Opening night fundraisers
  • Trivia tournaments
  • Campus carnivals
  • Family fun days
  • Tree planting events
  • Flash mobs
  • After hours attraction openings
  • Fish fry or barbecue dinner
  • Nonprofit conference
  • Walk/Run event
  • Sporting tournament
  • Rummage sale

Smart Services for All the Details

Once you've chosen a winning approach, we'll help you come up with a complete fundraising plan to manage all the details of your Sunrise event. You'll enjoy the services of a dedicated Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals event coordinator who will help you with everything from choosing your venue and selecting the best Sunrise caterer to handling last-minute complications and making sure the big day goes smoothly.

Our corporate event planning services include:

  • Developing short and long-term fundraising goals
  • Cultivating donors
  • Marketing your event
  • Designing social media campaigns
  • Organizing ancillary donation options like auctions

Corporate fundraising is a complex process, but our experienced team has the knowledge to guide you step-by-step through every stage. If you're looking to maximize your fundraising and streamline your event planning, reach out to Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals to learn more about how we can help.

Bring in Big Donations with Sunrise Fundraising Events

If you need help developing a winning fundraising plan for your next corporate event, don't hesitate to reach out to Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals for a consultation. We'll evaluate your plan and let you know how our corporate fundraising experts can help.

Maximize your donations and host a special event that will leave your guests talking. Make sure you're generating the right type of buzz for your fundraising efforts with our professionals at your side. We can boost your corporate fundraisers in no time.