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Baptism Planning Service

A baptism is a religious rite that involves immersing in or sprinkling with water to represent purification and admission to a specific Christian church. Many baptism ceremonies are performed on babies, and they may also involve giving a name or the christening ceremony. However, some Christian churches perform baptisms on older children or adults. Regardless of the stage of life, Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals will work with you to create a meaningful day that is personal and special.

Hiring a Baptism Party Planner

If you plan to host a party after the baptism, you may be looking for help with baptism party ideas. This event is typically a time for a celebration of renewal, new life, and traditions, where family and friends surround the newly baptized person. Our event planners at Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals can take care of all the details of your baptism celebration.

Who to Invite

When planning your child or family member’s baptism reception, you may choose to involve godparents in the ceremony. Certain religious denominations place a high value on godparents, since they play an important role in the baptism. It is also polite to include the religious leader who performed the baptism. No matter who you plan to invite on this special day, Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals can assist in creating beautiful invitations for every member on your guest list.

Venue and Decorations

Some of the more traditional locations to host a baptism party include a private room at a restaurant or the family’s home. If you have many people coming, you might choose to have the event in your backyard for a more casual feel. Design for baptism reception options vary, but whether you are going for something simple or even something extraordinary, Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals will work with your choice of venue. We’ll also assist you in adding christening decorations if you’re celebrating both ceremonies.

Baptism Party Supplies

Planning the menu is an important part of the process, since people coming to your party will expect to eat. If you have any special family traditions, such as favorite meals or side dishes, include them in the spread to make the event more meaningful. Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals will assist in crafting quality dishes, whether homemade or catered. We’ll also help work with providing for any special dietary restrictions, so every guest can enjoy the food.

Baptism Favors

Giving favors to those who come to a baptism party certainly isn’t a necessity, although it’s a nice touch that will show your appreciation for your guests. Some favor ideas include a small votive candle decorated with a cross, personalized treats with the date and the name of the person being baptized, or rosary beads.

Planning the Perfect Baptism Celebration With Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals

Planning any event can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with party hosting. You can call Gold Choice Ballroom / Party Rentals for help with planning your upcoming baptism party. We have helped with a number of similar events and can make it one for you and your guests to remember.